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Health & Safety

There is a requirement that movable wall systems and sliding folding partitions must be serviced annually in order to conform with the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Management at Work Regulation of 1999. Certain regulations within the acts require by law that systems are regularly maintained and in addition, suitable records are required to be kept on file.

Movable wall systems comprise of very high and heavy panels with mechanical moving parts and as with most large wheel based products, regular maintenance is the key to longevity. Apart from periodic maintenance which should be carried out there is also the health and safety aspect of the system that needs to be addressed.

We provide all our service customers the following:
  • System Log Books to record the all details of any maintenance or repair works that are carried out to your systems
  • An annual Health & Safety certificate to show that your system conforms to all government regulations.
  • Staff training to ensure your employees are shown how to operate the system correctly and more importantly, that they operate the system safely.
  • Full detailed service reports for your records.
  • Risk Assessments and Method Statements are provided on request prior to the commencement of all works.
Service and maintenance to operable walls should only be carried out by a suitable qualified person. All our technicians are insured and qualified to conform with the relevant health & Safety standards as reccomended by HSE.

Please click on the link to view The Provision and Use of Work equipment Regulations 1998

Legislation Regulation 5
Legislation Regulation 6

Health & Safety

Method statement

Health & Safety Risk assessment


Log book

Full detailed service report

Certificate of completion

Staff training